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Delivering Results

Study Group is committed to being your first choice education partner and to delivering the best service possible. We are making substantial investments to provide industry-leading standards and resources to our partners. Bookmark this page for the latest news on how Study Group continues to provide our partners with impactful results.

HENA delivers faster application decisions

Study Group’s North American admissions team has worked diligently to deliver admissions decisions more quickly to students. Through the combined efforts of adding resources in strategic locations, collaborating with university partners, and streamlining processes, the North American admissions team is now executing on the following timeline for processing admissions decisions:

  • Pre-qualification letters issued within 3 business days for non-borderline applications*
  • Undergraduate offers delivered within 3 business days of complete application receipt**
  • Graduate offers delivered within 12 business days of complete application receipt**

Strategic Staffing:
Delivering faster admissions decisions meant appropriating more resources in markets (and time zones) where students reside. Allocating dedicated resources in our Singapore Hub to North American admissions allows the team to respond to all inquiries and review submitted applications for completeness within one business day:

  • 18 admissions team members dedicated to North America
  • 14 in North America; 4 in Singapore
  • Respond to all inquiries within one business day

Streamlined Processes:
Every aspect of the admissions process was evaluated to identify any unnecessary obstacles known to slow the process. Investigating each step in the process, helped identify areas of improvement and opportunities for innovation. The result is a much more streamlined process, armed with helpful alerts and improved communication channels.

University Partner Collaboration:
In order to consistently deliver on rapid decision times, relationships with universities partners were strengthened. Through collaboration, each university partner reevaluated their processes and admissions criteria to help remove roadblocks and to expedite the university review process. As a result, our partners are now committed to achieving the service level agreements stated above*.

*For more details specific to each HEI partner, please refer to this HENA admissions transformation details document.
**Indicates the amount of time the application resides with Study Group. Time frame may extend if agent is compiling documents to complete applications.

HENA Managing Director Committed to Driving Change, Delivering Results

Study Group strives to be the number one provider of education in North America. Only by driving significant change and delivering compelling results can this be achieved. Leading this movement of innovation and transformation is the new Managing Director in Higher Education for North America, Emily Williams Knight.

In her video, Emily shares her vision for implementing critical change in the rapidly growing, highly sought after North American market.

Transforming admissions is the first of several key improvements that you will see implemented to ensure we are providing best-in-class service to our partners, ensuring that you experience

  • Faster application turnaround times
  • Enhanced support to guide your students through the admissions process
  • Greater clarity and transparency throughout the process

Please contact your Partner Sales Manager for more info, or you can email us specific HENA questions at NAQueries@StudyGroup.com

Meet the team

Working hard to ensure student success and strong support for our partners is a talented team of people. We invite you to visit this section regularly to learn more about some of us, and our commitment to you.

Director of Admissions Responsibility

"As the Director of Admissions for North America, I represent and support a team of Admissions Managers who serve as the “glue” among the sales team, agents and partner universities – all of whom have different interests and needs. Bringing clarity to partner university admissions requirements helps agents better assist their students receive offers from the university that best suits their students’ strengths and interests. My role is also to share admissions best practices with our partner universities, helping them understand the need to deliver competitive turnaround times on applications so that we not only meet, but also exceed partners’ and applicants’ expectations."

Impact of HENA Admissions Transformation

Because agents are critical to admissions’ success – serving as the direct line of communication with students – it is imperative that we not only arm agents with the information and tools they need to better advise students, but also that we deliver admissions decisions swiftly. Accomplishing these objectives began as a series of discussions which very quickly developed into a tangible, comprehensive initiative. As a result of the admission team’s dogged determination, creativity in dealing with challenges and setbacks, and patience in building trust from key stakeholders, the admissions transformation initiative came to life. The improvements we have implemented will not only bring us all success, but it will ensure that students’ expectations are met throughout the admissions process and as they arrive on our campuses.

Fun fact about Anne

"Most people would never guess that I had a 30-year career as a Senior Logistics Officer in the Canadian Air Force prior to joining the Study Group family in 2013."


Dr. Emily Williams Knight is Managing Director of Higher Education North America. She is responsible for the financial and operational management of North America.

Emily was Vice President of Global Enrollment for Laureate Hospitality Education, responsible for the recruitment efforts for several multi-campus colleges and universities based in Switzerland, Spain, United Kingdom, Australia, China, Jordan and the United States. She led a team based in 56 different countries and worked with agents from every corner of the globe. Emily also served 4 years as President of Kendall College in Chicago, IL, where she created an international expansion strategy; opening campus operations in Latin America and the Middle East. She also developed the global recruitment strategy which realized more than 200% growth in international students on campus. Emily was CEO of New England University LLC where she was responsible for globally expanding access to high quality education in developing markets, and she spent 11 years in senior business development, sales and marketing roles for Pearson.

Emily holds a B.S. in Hospitality Administration from Boston University, a Master of Science in Management from Troy University, a Doctorate in Higher Education Leadership from Walden University and an honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters from Newbury College. Emily lives in the United States with her husband, 10 year old twin daughters, and rescue dog, Murphy.

Fun Fact:

“I played college basketball and today remain an avid sports fan – taking time each year to attend major sporting events, including the NBA Championships and college Final Four tournaments.”

About Agents:

“While my job description indicates that I am responsible for the financial and operational performance of Study Group North America, I don’t see that as my official role. I see my role as being responsible for the well-being and success of every student who chooses to study at one of our partner universities in the United States or Canada”.

Having been a college president, and also having led global enrollment, I understand the trust that families put into the agents who support their children’s college selection and in the teams of people who will care and support them after they arrive at their university.

Every morning when I wake-up, I think about three things: How are our students doing, how is my team doing, and do the agents have what they need to be successful. Simply – are we doing everything we can to build trust and to support the most important people in our business - students, faculty/staff and agents. For our agents, I know credibility in the market is paramount. You have my commitment that I respect and value this, and that I will do all I can to ensure the North American team delivers on our promise.