A warm welcome for the mutual recognition of qualifications between the UK and India

An Indian student using a laptop in front of books.

A warm welcome for the mutual recognition of qualifications between the UK and India

The UK and India have this week signed a milestone agreement officially recognising each other's higher education qualifications. The Memorandum of Understanding will make it easier for students to progress in education and move into jobs between countries.

Emma Lancaster, Chief Executive of leading international education provider Study Group, warmly welcomed the agreement and congratulated all those in India and the United Kingdom who had worked hard to secure it:

“This is wonderful news for students and graduates, and will only make it more attractive for students to travel to pursue their studies and educational ambitions. The deal implements a key element of the UK-India Enhanced Trade Partnership and is expected to attract more Indian university students to study in Britain. As an organisation that has long welcomed Indian students to the U.K., we are delighted that this will make this opportunity even more attractive to talented young people.”

Director of the British Council in India Barbara Wickham said the agreement would make a difference to many thousands of students and graduates in each country, and founder of the National Indian Students and Alumni Union Sanam Arora said it answered long-standing demand and would positively impact thousands. Director of Universities UK International, Vivienne Stern, also highlighted particular benefits to postgraduates:

“The recognition of UK masters degrees is a particularly important development. It means that Indian graduates of the UK’s outstanding universities will receive formal recognition of their outstanding achievements and full access to jobs in the public sector in India.”

The UK and India are already important destinations for each other’s students - in 2020/2021 the UK welcomed 84,555 Indian students to the UK and India is a popular destination for UK students to study abroad as part of the Turing Scheme international education programme. The decision also opens the door for institutions to create courses that can be delivered in both countries.