Opening up new opportunities in Australia and New Zealand

Emma Lancaster, Anthony Albanese, and Alex Chevrolle.

Opening up new opportunities in Australia and New Zealand

With the great news that international students are now once again eligible to apply for visas to study in New Zealand, signalling the full resumption of international education, Study Group is looking forward to once again welcoming students to New Zealand and Australia. The team at Waikato, New Zealand, are particularly excited as they the first new students have already arrived.

For the first time in almost three years Study Group CEO Emma Lancaster was recently able to visit Study Group staff, students, and partners in Australia and New Zealand.  

Amongst other meetings, Emma attended an event hosted by the new Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese MP in Canberra, also attended by Jason Clare MP, Minister for Education, and Julian Hill, Co-Chair of the Parliamentary Friends of International Education.

“It’s been a challenging time for international education around the world,” said Alex Chevrolle, Study Group's Director of External Relations for Australia and New Zealand, “but our discussions left us in no doubt just how much importance the new Australian administration places on a thriving international education sector.

“It was also great to visit New Zealand and to take the opportunity to meet both with our own team and our university partners, and to hear about some of the great work they have been leading, such as programmes to support mental wellbeing, which in turn of course has an impact on learning and attainment.

“We were thrilled to learn that despite the restrictions imposed by the pandemic our students continue to gain very high pass rates overall at the end of their first year at university. This is a wonderful tribute to the work of our teams to support student learning and preparation to succeed in their future studies, and clear evidence of the benefit of our work for students as they progress through their studies.”

Professor Alister Jones, Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor at the University of Waikato said: “With New Zealand now once again welcoming international students, it was great to meet with Emma Lancaster and discuss how we can enhance our partnership with Study Group as we develop the many opportunities opening up to students from across the globe.” 

After the challenge of pandemic lockdowns, there’s a definite new mood of welcome and real opportunities as Australia and New Zealand re-open to international students, and we are again able to invite students to enjoy a fantastic experience ‘down under’!

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