Study Group announces inaugural Agent Premier Club 2021 award winners

Agent Premier Club winners graphic

Study Group announces inaugural Agent Premier Club 2021 award winners

Today, Study Group hosted the first-ever Agent Premier Club awards ceremony. It celebrated the outstanding contribution of high achieving education consultant partners, in enabling international students to progress to the university programme of their choice in the 2019/2020 academic year.

A focus on the future of education

The virtual event, hosted by Study Group's Senior Leadership Team, opened with a critical review of the past year, which reflected on the need to change and adapt due to the impact of the pandemic to meet the evolving needs of international students across different geographical locations.

After the opening address, the event moved into an expert-panel discussion format, where Study Group’s valued agent partners had the opportunity to learn more about the latest developments in international education and strategies for future innovation from Sir Keith Burnett (Vice-Chair (Academic) at Study Group), Emma Lancaster (Study Group CEO), Manoj Shetty (Study Group’s Chief Revenue Officer) and Charlotte Von Essen (Director of Academic Engagement at Insendi).

Speaking about the future of education at the event, Charlotte Von Essen commented:

“Over this period education - and indeed many parts of society from retail to delivering healthcare to operations of government - have by necessity taken place online.  This has demanded a rapid acquisition of skills on behalf of both teachers and students. 

Online activity is now part of all our lives, and it will have a crucial role to play in the future, supporting face to face education and helping students succeed. We should though expect to see digital expertise become more sophisticated. We will not just be putting lectures online - students will reinforce and personalise their learning through personal programmes and interactions. 

Artificial intelligence and machine learning also offer the chance for highly personal education support, which closely maps a student’s strengths and weaknesses, and which dramatically helps their attainment.”

Winners announced

After the panel discussion, Study Group was delighted to announce the Bronze, Silver and Gold and Platinum winners of the Agent Premier Club awards.

Bronze category

Bronze tier 3rd place

ChinaEMEAAsia, Australia, and New Zealand
Jinling High School Hexi CampusPenzance LimitedSun Education Group Pte Ltd.
Bronze tier 2nd place

ChinaEMEAAsia, Australia, and New Zealand
Jiangsu Carnival Oversea Consulting Co. LtdInterGreat Education Group LtdFuture Care Consultants Pty Ltd
Bronze tier 1st place

ChinaEMEAAsia, Australia, and New Zealand
AZY Education InternationalBritish Educational Services Agency (BESA)UNIPLAN OVERSEAS EDUCATION CONSULTANT

Silver category

Silver tier 3rd place

ChinaEMEAAsia, Australia, and New Zealand
Yingmei International Education Group Pte Pte Ltd
Silver tier 2nd place

ChinaEMEAAsia, Australia, and New Zealand
AAedu International LimitedIMMIGRATION & VISA SERVICES LTDBritish United Education Services Ltd
Silver tier 1st place

ChinaEMEAAsia, Australia, and New Zealand
Shanghai Youyue Education Consultancy Ltd.Education Hub Ltd.Intel Bridge Education

Gold category

Gold tier 3rd place


Ilyes Saidane

Gold tier 2nd place

EMEAAsia, Australia, and New Zealand
AH&Z Associates LtdAmber Education Holding Limited
Gold tier 1st place

ChinaEMEAAsia, Australia, and New Zealand
Bright Can-Achieve LimitedGlobal Study UK Ltd.WD IMMIGRATION CONSULTANTS

Platinum category

Platinum winner
Global Education Technology
 Beijing New Oriental Visions Overseas

“At Study Group, we hugely value the key role of our education consultant partners, to support international students to access global higher education opportunities that match their academic credentials and study abroad ambitions.

In short, we are absolutely amazed by the achievements of all our Agent Premier Club 2021 finalists and winners. Last year was incredibly disruptive because of COVID-19, with the way we live and work transforming at a rapid pace. We appreciate how quickly our agent partners have pivoted to new ways of working and admire their resilience and tenacity to continue delivering an extremely high-level of performance in difficult circumstances.

On behalf of Study Group, many congratulations to each and every Agent Premier Club 2021 finalist and winner for your hard work, dedication and innovation to help aspirational young people all over the world achieve their education goals to flourish and succeed in their chosen academic and career fields.”

Reactions from the Award Winners

“It’s been our privilege and pleasure to work with Study Group. Study Group have been a trusted business partner and our friend, and we greatly appreciate your support and cooperation all along, without which we cannot achieve the success that we now have. We hope that our partnership will continue to thrive and prosper in the future.” - Mr. Freeman Yeung, GEA Founder and CEO.

"It's my pleasure to say, the idea of agent premier club is an opportunity to grow and role play." - Abdullah Arafat, CEO of Education Hub Limited.

“I feel great about it. Study group has been an emerging partner and to be honest our association has been paying rich dividends to WD Immigration consultants. I hope that our association will flourish in the times to come and we both scale greater heights together.” - William Bentick, Founder and Director, WD Immigration and Consultants.

“Study Group has been a long-standing partner for MECstudygroup. The Agent Premier Club is a great opportunity to appreciate hardworking Agents”. - Muizz Mirza, Director, MECstudygroup.