Study Group boosts digital support for education consultants

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Study Group boosts digital support for education consultants

Leading international education provider Study Group is pleased to announce the launch of an enhanced Agent Portal for its education consultant partners. Updates to the Portal are designed to improve Agents’ interactions with Study Group, particularly through the academic programme application process.

These enhancements will enable our education consultant partners to provide more comprehensive and holistic support to international students, improving their overall experience.

As Manoj Shetty, Chief Revenue Officer at Study Group comments:

“At Study Group, we are proud to work with over 3,500 education consultant partners from all over the world, to enable international students to access high-quality global higher education and employment opportunities.

“To offer greater support to the agents that we collaborate with, we have added new features to the online Agent Portal to improve their experience of working with Study Group.

"In doing so, we are empowering our education consultant partners to enhance the international student experience, by making the admissions process a lot smoother and more seamless for all involved in the process.” 

Key benefits of the enhanced Agent Portal:

  • Saves time: Agents can login to the Portal directly to check the status of a student’s application and action any outstanding requests immediately.
  • Creates efficiencies: Agents can upload documents to the Portal supporting student applications at any time of the day, with an automated acknowledgement that the document has been received from Study Group.
  • Connects with customer services: Agents can raise support tickets within the Portal, which the Customer Services Team can action directly. 

Study Group will optimise the Agent Portal on an ongoing basis and is planning to implement a new chatbot function later this year, which will allow education consultant partners to communicate directly and in real-time with the customer support team.