Study Group leads the way by innovating the student experience and supporting graduate employability in China

Shanghai city skyline at night

Study Group leads the way by innovating the student experience and supporting graduate employability in China

The global pandemic has significantly changed the educational landscape for millions of students seeking study abroad opportunities. Due to COVID-19 travel restrictions, many learners have started their university programmes online from home.

Study Group, a leading provider of international higher education pathway programmes, has directly consulted with students in China, to learn more about their online study experiences and evolving needs. Through this consultation process, many learners expressed that they would welcome a space outside of the home environment where they can go and study, more opportunities to learn and socialise with other students in person, and the ability to gain work experience. The research highlighted a clear demand for personal and social capabilities development, along with academic knowledge, and skills acquisition.

As a direct result of this feedback, Study Group has introduced several ground-breaking new initiatives to innovate and enhance the learning experience and future global employment prospects for students in China.

A new Study Group Remote Learning Centre in Shanghai, China

Situated at the Shanghai Institute of Technology (SIT), Study Group has launched a new Remote Learning Centre, which is in the heart of Shanghai. Study Group’s Taylors College Sydney students based in China have the option to apply to study at the Remote Learning Centre and live on campus in state-of-the-art university accommodation.

Students can go to the Remote Learning Centre to continue learning online as usual and at the same time, can interact with their fellow classmates in person. They are also able to take part in social activities, organised by experienced Study Group Student Ambassadors, who are based on-campus full-time.

As Alex Chevrolle, Managing Director for Australia and New Zealand at Study Group, comments:

“We know from some of our recent surveys with students that although the quality of the education and the delivery technology is good, they feel isolated and disconnected from their fellow students. While online learning allows students to experience and engage with course content and lecturers, it is the face-to-face engagement with peers that has been lacking.

The Remote Learning Centre has capacity for students to study virtually in an on-campus environment. Classrooms have an onsite manager, high speed internet connections, large screens and audio-visual capability for the class group and sufficient space for group work projects. Students also have access to other on-campus support resources such as welfare and administrative support, relocation assistance, accommodation, student campus and course orientation, and local English support such as conversation clubs as well as social activities.

Furthermore, students have access to all facilities, activities and social events at the Institute including the library, gym, and canteen."

Peter Lo, Managing Director of China at Study Group adds:

“Study Group is proud to partner with the prestigious Shanghai Institute of Technology (SIT) to launch a Remote Learning Centre specifically for our University of Sydney Foundation Programme students.

By learning online at the Remote Learning Centre alongside other students enrolled on the same academic programme, they encounter a more authentic ‘study abroad’ experience, with the opportunity to make lasting friendships through in-person social interaction. By living away from home on campus, it is also a great first step to prepare students to study overseas at the University of Sydney, when the Australian border fully reopens.

Study Group’s Remote Learning Centre, launched in partnership with SIT, truly demonstrates our student-centric approach, to give aspirational learners in China a fully flexible, blended, and dynamic international student experience in their home country.”

Unlimited access to co-working spaces in China for Study Group students, through WeWork

Study Group has collaborated with WeWork, to signpost students to WeWork offline learning spaces throughout mainland China.

Through this initiative, Study Group students have the choice to study in dedicated, safe, comfortable, and modern working environments, where they can meet and socialise with other people, whilst being able to login in to a computer or laptop to learn remotely. Students also have access to food, beverages, and printing facilities at WeWork coworking spaces.

Study Group works with Airbnb to facilitate in-person social interaction for students

Study Group is working with Airbnb in China to deliver a programme of events, designed to facilitate in-person student engagement.

The events take place in large cities across China, including Beijing, Shanghai and Chengdu and enable students to come together, to take part in activities such as arts and crafts and urban exploration tours; while simultaneously building their social network and making meaningful connections with their peers.

Study Group collaborates with FESCO to support student and graduate employability

Study Group is committed to supporting student progression to higher education and employment.

As such, the organisation has partnered with FESCO (Foreign Enterprise Service Corporation), China’s first HR service provider, to offer students internship, volunteer, and employment opportunities, which enable them to gain valuable work experience and acquire essential transferable skills to boost their CV and future work prospects.

FESCO is a state-owned enterprise with 40 years of experience in human resources services and currently serves four million employees in more than 40,000 companies.

Manoj Shetty, Chief Revenue Officer at Study Group, shares his perspective:

“We are in constant touch with our students. As such, we have been able to quickly innovate and pivot to offer what students have told us they need to achieve their potential and access global higher education and employment opportunities.

Our partnership with WeWork and Airbnb shows that we are prioritising the student experience in inventive new ways, to make sure that learners can interact with each other face-to-face in a safe, yet stimulating and creative physical environments, whilst concurrently studying online to achieve their academic goals.

The FESCO initiative is particularly exciting and forward-thinking, as Study Group is actively providing students with the opportunity to gain valuable work experience and transferable skills, which will enable them to hit the ground running and successfully access global employment opportunities in the future.

All of these initiatives combined exemplify the extent to which Study Group is advancing it’s learner-centric approach, with a laser-like focus on providing an innovative and blended international student experience and enhancing student and graduate employability in China.”