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Study Group works with education institutions to attract the highest calibre of students from around the world. We broaden the reach of these institutions, and provide the highest quality preparation and training to secure the very best outcomes for students and the universities with which we collaborate.

Our aim is to provide real cultural and economic diversity for education institutions, while improving outcomes for the growing number of internationally-minded students who wish to compete on the world stage.

We adopt a bespoke relationship approach with universities and colleges, using our unique experience, expertise and global reach to develop international student intakes, from recruitment and preparation for study, through to support and in some cases provision of courses.

Our innovative campus-based International Study Centre approach offers a proven development strategy for the universities we work with, by offering fully qualified, culturally prepared students.

A diverse and welcoming community for our students

Study Group’s staff and student community is built on a foundation of respect for one another and for the community, society and the legal frameworks in which we operate. Diversity is celebrated. Difference is welcome. Our aim is to build communities in which all can feel welcome, and to create a sense of belonging in which we all can achieve our potential and thrive.

Study Group believes diversity is a strength and that diverse communities and teams achieve more and learn new and important things from one another.

We value everyone’s voice. We appreciate different perspectives because we know great minds don’t all think alike. By actively celebrating the strengths of our diverse community, we are committed to enabling all to succeed and grow.

Building respect and understanding in our student communities

Our student communities come from across the world and are a truly diverse group drawn from different races and ethnicities, religions and cultural backgrounds. As part of our work to support students making a positive transition to university study, we drive to create communities which are respectful of individuals and their many different perspectives on the world.

We actively challenge prejudice and intolerance through the positive promotion of a culture of support in which all are valued and encouraged to reach their potential regardless of nationality, race, culture, religion, gender or sexuality. We also support students of different abilities, creating an inclusive environment for education and friendship.

Challenging prejudice

Study Group also works with representative bodies to identify best practice on diversity and inclusion. Training is provided on this issue to all staff and students are given positive guidance on being part of a respectful culture where all are valued.

We take a zero-tolerance approach to harassment ensuring that all our students and staff feel safe in their work and studies. Anyone who experiences harassment on the grounds of their personal characteristics is encouraged to raise concerns through staff and student channels which are clearly explained, and these will be considered carefully and action taken to address any breaches of expected standards.

Respect for religious faith

We promote the respect of staff and students of all faiths and none, and recognise and welcome religious belief and observance amongst our diverse community. Our international community is encouraged to note festivals and significant times for religious communities and other elements of observance such as in relation to food are carefully respected.

We challenge prejudice wherever it is found, and understand the necessity of confronting harmful attitudes and actions such as islamophobia and antisemitism, recognising the following definitions and guidelines in relation to this:

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