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We will get you to where you want to be: Studying on the right course for you, progressing to your chosen university and, ultimately, succeeding in your chosen career. 

Begin your studies with confidence. Improve your academic knowledge, skills and language ability on our free Prepare for Success course.

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Prepare for Success is the start of your academic journey. You’ll benefit from ten sessions designed to give you the competitive edge to succeed in your programme in the UK and Europe. Through these in-depth sessions, designed exclusively for international students, you’ll gain the knowledge and confidence you need to get ahead.

Gain the competitive edge with exclusive content

Getting started with your Prepare for Success course is easy. To access this course, all you need to do is confirm your place with us and begin paying towards your tuition fees.

1. Confirm your place

It’s important that you confirm your place* on your programme in order to gain access to the free preparation course. To confirm your place, visit your College/Centre website.

2. Send payment

To secure your place, you will need to arrange a confirmation payment and pay a proportion of your tuition fees as soon as possible as places are limited. More information can be found on your College/Centre website.

3. Start studying

After you have confirmed your place and paid your fees, you can access up to 100 hours of online learning before beginning your programme. You will be automatically enrolled on the online preparation course and you will receive an email explaining how to join.

*Please note Prepare for Success is not applicable for November intakes.

What can you expect from the preparation course?

The preparation course is the start of your academic journey. This specialist course is designed for international students and divided into ten sessions, introducing you to everything you need to succeed.

You’ll benefit from:

  • A welcoming international community where you can meet fellow students
  • The confidence to become an independent and effective learner
  • A supportive space to practice your English and meet your classmates and teachers
  • Access to high-quality academic content and English language materials
  • Personalised feedback from your tutors from the beginning of your education journey

Online learning stories

Staff and students share their experience of online learning.

21-day money back* satisfaction offer

We want to make sure you are confident on your pathway to academic success. That’s why when you start one of our online programmes, you will have a 21-day introductory period to experience learning online. If, within the 21-day introductory period you choose not to continue your studies online you have two options available. You can choose to defer your place to a future intake, or you can choose to withdraw your place at no extra cost.

*Provided you have an online attendance level of 80% or more. 

Visa refund

When teaching moves from online to on-campus, you will need to obtain a visa for travel to study in the UK or Europe. We have removed the financial risk from being refused a visa as we have introduced a new visa refund policy. This policy includes a number of instances where you would be eligible for a refund in the unlikely event that you are unable to obtain a visa.

Make studying at home fun

With changes to our daily lives and a move to studying online, you may be feeling a little uncertain as you adjust to it all. To help you get used to studying and learning from your home, we’ve put together some top tips for success.

Create a positive study space

Your classroom is now your bedroom or living room at home, so how do you transform it into a productive space to learn? Try sitting near natural light and bringing any house plants into view, as that can really help boost your positivity and motivation. It’s best to keep distractions away from your study space (such as your mobile phone) just like you would in the classroom.

Plan your days

Having a structure really helps. Make sure you get showered and dressed every morning before you start your day so you’re in the right mind-set to study. It’s also a good idea to think about what your strengths and weaknesses are and plan your day around them. For example, do you work better with music, or without? Are you more productive in the morning or the afternoon? Understanding this can help you structure your self-study time and when to take a break.

Stay connected

Studying with us you will be part of a connected community online, chatting with teachers and your classmates every day. If you aren’t sure of something, you can use instant messaging to speak to your teacher or arrange a meeting with your personal tutor. You can also join in with our regular social events like quizzes and games.

Practise your English

Immerse yourself in the English language in between your lessons. It can be fun to teach a younger sister or brother what you’ve been learning about. Or you could watch films and TV shows in English.

Make time to relax

It’s important to take regular breaks so your mind can relax from studying. You’ll be productive and focused by making yourself a structured timetable. Take time out to go for a walk, phone your friends or listen to your favourite podcast. When you come back you will feel re-energised.

Supporting you every step of the way

Throughout your studies with us, you’ll feel supported by an expert team of academic and welfare support staff. We’ll make sure you know who you can speak to, whether you have questions about assignments or want to schedule time to talk about careers or need personal support, we’re here to help you.

Top tips for studying at home

One of our staff members shares her tips for students studying online.