Prepare to Arrive

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Prepare to Arrive is a brand-new programme designed to help you prepare for your pre-CAS credibility interview and for your studies in the UK. Succeeding in the interview is a key step on your journey to joining us in the UK.

Available at no extra charge to confirmed students starting their programme between January and March 2022, Prepare to Arrive keeps your education on track. We will get you to where you want to be, studying at your university in 2022.


Watch best practice examples for your Pre-CAS credibility interview

What is Prepare to Arrive?

On the virtual programme, you will benefit from short, useful, bite-sized preparation content. We have made the expertly designed learning materials available on-demand, so you can prepare for your pre-CAS credibility interview, and for your studies in the UK, at your own pace, from anywhere, at any time.

Course content

Prepare to Arrive features content on a range of topics that will help you get ready for your studies in the UK:

  • Pre-CAS credibility interview preparation
  • Documents required for study in the UK
  • Accessing your study materials
  • Essential guidance on attendance requirements relating to your Student visa
  • Critical assessment support
  • Managing your money

Once you have completed all the available study materials, you will be fully prepared for your pre-CAS credibility interview and can book your interview via our simple booking system.

What is a pre-CAS credibility interview?

To comply with the UK’s immigration rules, you may need to attend a credibility interview. The interview will be to establish whether you are a genuine international student. You will need to show that you are serious about your studies and have a good knowledge of the International Study Centre, your pathway programme and your degree.

By completing Prepare to Arrive, you will be ready to go into the interview with confidence. Once you’ve completed the interview preparation module, you can access our simple booking system to arrange your Pre-CAS credibility interview.

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