Republic of Ireland Quarantine Support Fund Terms and Conditions

Overview: This document contains important information about the Study Group Republic of Ireland Quarantine Support Fund (“QSF”) which is available to students that pay their deposit to confirm their place on one of Study Group’s programmes starting September – December 2021 and arrive in the Republic of Ireland 15 days prior to the start of the course. The QSF is a contribution of EUR€1000 for any student who is required to quarantine in a quarantine hotel upon arrival in the Republic of Ireland from a “designated country” as stated below.

PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE DOCUMENT.  Should you have any questions about the QSF, please contact your educational representative for more information.

Eligibility:  To receive the QSF you must be a student who:

  1. has accepted an unconditional offer from Study Group, or has been notified by Study Group that you have satisfied all conditions on a conditional offer such that the offer is now unconditional; and
  2. has paid your required deposit or tuition fee (if applicable) to confirm your place with Study Group per the terms of your offer; and
  3. will arrive in the Republic of Ireland from a “designated country” as at the date of travel; and
  4. has provided Study Group with proof that EUR€1875 has been paid by you to quarantine in an approved quarantine hotel; and
  5. will be arriving in the Republic of Ireland to continue or commence your Study Group programme at least 15 days before the published start of term as stated in your offer letter.


Students under 18 from a designated country need to either:

  • quarantine with a host family at their home
  • quarantine in a student accommodation whilst a member of the guardianship team will stay with the student (or an accompanying family member).

Please note that:

  • Students stay in the homestay under quarantine conditions for the 10 days but all U18’s stay with homestay until the student turns 18.
  • The student accommodation option is only for the quarantine period for students who’s host family cannot accommodate this. Students will move in with their homestay family once the quarantine period is over.
  • Students in this situation are expected to travel, unless there was an issue finding flights or if the country suddenly moved onto the Irish designated list.


The QSF is not available to you if you are permitted to quarantine at non government required accommodation.  

The QSF will be credited against your tuition bill for your first term or if already paid in full, against your next tuition fee invoice. If you have paid in full for all remaining periods of study with Study Group, you can apply for a refund by contacting student services at your Study Centre.

If you cancel your booking at the government approved quarantine hotel, you will not be eligible for the QSF, unless otherwise agreed by Study Group in writing.

You are not eligible for QSF if you confirm your place for an online only programme.

If you are fully vaccinated with an approved vaccine and have the documents to prove that, you do not have to complete mandatory hotel quarantine on arrival in Republic of Ireland. For further information on exemptions to quarantine in Republic of Ireland please see:

Study Group reserves the right to decline the QSF for any student or withdraw the offer of the QSF at the company’s discretion.

Designated country list

Designated countries
Africa n/a
Europe n/a
South America Argentina
North America n/a

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