Study Group’s American partner universities amongst the USA’s top 10%

Students on an American university campus

Study Group’s American partner universities are in the top 10% of American universities, according to the 2024 US News & World Report Best Colleges. 1,800 of the nation’s 4,400 universities are included in the rankings. 

James Madison University 

Study Group’s longest-standing US partner rises to 124 of the best national universities, placing it in the ranking’s top 7% of America’s best colleges ranked by US News & World Report.  

Further ranking highlights for James Madison University include: 

  • Best engineering programme (non-doctorate-offering schools): 30.
  • Top public schools: 64, placing it in the top 30% of US public universities.
  • Best undergraduate business programme: 103.

Duc Tam Nguyen, from Vietnam, completed a finance undergraduate programme and continued to study an MBA at James Madison University. He says of his experience: “In the classes, I learn a lot about innovative stuff like entrepreneurship, starting up companies, small businesses. If I have an idea I want to carry out as an actual company's business in the future, then I have the professionally trained foundation to make that happen.” 

An international student on a basketball court.

DePaul University 

At number 151 the Chicago-based national university achieves a top 8% position, and top 3% for best value at number 59. With DePaul University’s ranking at 103 for business and 167 for computer science, their undergraduate programmes are highlighted as among the best in America. 

Top 15% 

Florida Atlantic University: at 209, the university on the sunshine coast achieves a top 12% position, rising from 263 last year. Of the top public schools, Florida Atlantic University is 112. The University’s undergraduate degrees with strong employment prospects are recognised, with their undergraduate studies in international business called out as the country’s 22 best, and their undergraduate engineering programmes ranked as 150 in the country amongst doctorate-offering schools. 
Lipscomb University: top 13% at 236. 

  • Best engineering programme (non-doctorate-offering school): 121. 

University of Hartford: sits in the top 17% of best 1,800 colleges at 304. 

  • Best engineering programme (non-doctorate-offering school): 58. 

Other notable rankings 

Long Island University: top 370 university. 

Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi: top 435 university. 

  • Best engineering programme (non-doctorate-offering school): 86. 

Western Washington University is a highly ranking regional university: 24 in the Regional West. 

  • Best engineering programme (non-doctorate-offering school): 121 (nationally). 

Discussing the rankings, Anthony Claridge, Study Group’s Executive Director, Partner Management & Operations, Rest of World, says:

“The United States offers an unparalleled number of choices for students considering university. With over 4,400 institutions, national rankings can help students measure universities against what is important to them. The impressive rankings of our university partners reflect the life-changing opportunities we are able to support international students to access in America, and we congratulate our partners on their leading positions.”  

The US News & World Report Best Colleges ranking uses a range of indicators including a university’s graduation rates, student-faculty ratio, and peer assessment to compile the rankings. It is one of several sources international students can use when considering their university options. Of the more than 4,400 higher education institutions in the US, these rankings evaluate 1,800 national universities and many regional universities across the nation. 

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