Studying for careers in health and medicine

Two international students in a medical laboratory.

The United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals makes clear Good Health and Wellbeing are "essential to sustainable development." For students from around the world, one important way to develop a rewarding career for themselves and a more sustainable, equitable future for society is to train for a career in health.

Making a difference

In modern society, healthcare involves a vast array of expertise and students have a broad spectrum of career options, meaning Allied Health Professions, hold real appeal for international students from the highly technical to those built around care. For those choosing to study in the UK, the ability to take on post-study work after graduating from a health or medicine degree also offers the opportunity to gain work experience in one of the best healthcare systems in the world. International students may then be able to stay in the UK after their visa ends providing vital skills, or return to their home country with knowledge and experience that is globally applicable, useful and welcome. And the National Health Service offers work experience respected across the world, with 18% of its workforce made up of staff from more than 200 nationalities.

A career in healthcare means making a difference to people's lives, every day. Hear from some of our students on their motivations and journey into healthcare.

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