Dr Ismail Musa awarded Principal Fellowship amongst latest cohort of Study Group teaching and support staff recognised with HEA Fellowship

Dr Ismail Musa

Study Group is thrilled to announce that 28 of our teachers and student support staff have this year achieved Higher Education Academy (HEA) Fellowship, an accolade that they will now hold for life.

Study Group and our university partners have supported our staff to make written applications to the awarding body, Advance HE, aligning their professional practice to an internationally recognised standards framework, and evidencing their expertise in teaching and supporting international learners.

Among our newly recognised fellows, we are particularly pleased to celebrate Dr Ismail Musa, Study Group’s Global Director of Curriculum, who has attained Principal Fellowship, an award available only to those at the height of their professions following distinguished careers in teaching.

Study Group’s Provost and Chief Academic Officer Professor Elena Rodriguez-Falcon, one of the very first twelve Principal Fellows of Advance HE, says: “I am delighted that Dr Musa has achieved Principal Fellowship from HEA. This achievement exemplifies his dedication to pedagogical excellence, leadership in higher education, advancing teaching practices and fostering a culture of excellence.”

“I offer my warmest congratulations to everyone in our 2023/24 cohort of Fellows, of whom I am deeply proud. Their new accolades are testament to our shared commitment to create and deliver the best possible learning experiences for our talented, international students."

There are four distinct categories of fellowship, each representing a different phase of professional development and expertise. Spanning the full breadth, this year’s cohort of 28 new Fellows demonstrates that a culture of continuous learning and growth can have an impact at every stage of a career.

Business Management Tutor Abiola Adewole Adebayo has been recognised with Fellowship. He says: "Attaining the Fellowship not only promoted valuable reflection on my teaching approach, but also empowered me to strengthen my professional practice in delivering high-quality teaching and providing the best possible learning to our students."

Dr Evangelia Papathanasiou, Head of English, adds: "Achieving HEA Senior Fellowship has transformed my approach to management by fostering an environment of continual professional development, collaboration, high standards, and pedagogical excellence."

Congratulations to all our new Fellows on your significant achievements, which will deliver benefits for all our students across our global network, supporting us in our work to create a better world through education.

HEA Fellowships and their definitions:

  • Associate Fellowship: recognising individuals who demonstrate a commitment to teaching and supporting learning in higher education, typically those new to teaching roles.
  • Fellowship: Acknowledges individuals who can demonstrate a thorough understanding of effective approaches to teaching and learning support as well as evidence of successful engagement with professional development.
  • Senior Fellowship: Reserved for those who demonstrate a sustained record of effectiveness in relation to teaching and learning, incorporating substantial experience in higher education.
  • Principal Fellowship: The highest level, recognising individuals who have demonstrated a sustained record of impact at a strategic level in teaching and learning.

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