Study Group Digital Learning

Study Group Digital Learning

Digital learning solutions from Study Group

Increase the audience for your programmes and enhance global participation.

Our in-country blended and digital learning programmes provide additional routes for students to begin their study journey without leaving their host country.

International students are realising the benefits of online study:

  • Flexibility to study anytime anywhere, with the option to work while studying.
  • Reduced programme and living costs.
  • Opportunity to build confidence and learn about their chosen destination country and university before moving abroad.
  • Studying the first year of an international programme at home allows students to build a strong foundation for future learning. Students can focus more in a familiar, comfortable environment.
  • Take advantage of a wide-reaching global cohort and build an international professional network.

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The reason why I chose Online Pre-Master is that it can help me improve my language and professional knowledge ready for the next stage of my master's study. It can also improve my academic level and comprehensive ability in all aspects. I think this online programme is very useful for us as it can help to support us with the different education system between China and the UK. This can help us to adapt more quickly.

Jocelyn from China.
Studied the Online PMP and is progressing to Lancaster University to study Business Analytics MSc